Why hot tubs are great for more than just romance

  • Relaxing in a hot tub has many benefits
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

Why hot tubs are for more than just romance......

Hot Tub At Ramsay Lodge Airhouses Hot Tub At Ramsay Lodge Airhouses

Lying back in your hot tub, warmth spreading through your weightless body underneath vast skies can be incredibly romantic, if you are sharing the hot tub with someone special. However, there are many benefits to hot tubs which means you should still pop in alone or with a friend.

Hot tubs are for much more than just romance......

Relief for your whirling mind

There is something incredibly soothing about a hot tub, it could be the white noise of the jets, the mood lighting, or particularly at Air-Pods, Airhouses, just being out in nature while all warm and cosy enjoying the peace, solitude and tranquility. It can be proper me time. Try staying in the moment, focusing on how it feels to be out there in the water with nature all around you. Listen to the birds, or the sounds of the night. Let the breeze drift over you and our mind sail away.

Hot tub at Airhouses Lodge at Night Hot tub at Airhouses Lodge at Night

Ooooh for your muscles

Being in water relaxes the pressure on your muscles as well as your mind! It makes you body feel lighter and relaxed, giving it a well earned break. Even more so in hot tubs where the jets add pressure into the water causing more buoyancy. These jets as well can be like mini - massagers and are great for any aches you may have.

Did you know that apparently 20min immersed in water can also dilate your blood vessels and improve your circulation?


Who doesn't sleep well after a hot bath? There seems to be many theories, some people think that the drop in temperature after the bath helps your body prepare for a good nights sleep. Whatever the science we have found after a hot tub dip a deep sleep is sure to follow!

Relaxing colours for night time hot tubing to encourage a perfect nights sleepRelaxing colours for night time hot tubing to encourage a perfect nights sleep

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Let's not forget being in a Hot Tub is fun, and what can be better for our health and our relationships than having fun together. Guests at Air-pods Airhouses tell us that some of the most fun times are on cold, crisp winter days, or when there is snow on the ground. Running barefoot through the snow before plunging into glorious warm water - exhilarating. Another favourite time is when the Scottish weather is treating us to rain, rain, rain. Being all warm and wet already the rain simply adds to the fun!

Hot Tub at The Hawthorn Pod Air-Pods, AirhousesHot Tub at The Hawthorn Pod Air-Pods, Airhouses

Air-Pods at Airhouses

Here at Air-Pods at Airhouses, each glamping pod as its own private hot tub, situated next to your pod, in a secluded and sheltered spot. We don't believe in any roofs over hot tubs because why would you want to miss those amazing skies! We check the cleanliness of the hot tubs twice a day and they are emptied and thoroughly cleaned between every guest.

So step in, relax, de-stress and enjoy!

If you would like more information on Air-Pods at Airhouses click here. and information including safety advice on using hot tub click here.

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