Why Glamping is Extra Romantic in Autumn

The harvest season is a magical time for a country escape for two...

Think glamping with your other half is just for spring or summer? Think again, as a luxury outdoor holiday in autumn offers bags of romance.

So here are six good reasons why you should treat yourselves to a scenic glamping getaway this October or November (ideally in the stunning Scottish Borders — not that we're biased or anything):

1. You can delight all of your senses
From the scent of bonfires to the sound of leaves crackling beneath your feet to the sight of trees ablaze with colour, autumn just has a way of making you feel totally alive. And let's not forget the feeling of a lovely soft mohair jumper against your skin. Or the taste of pumpkin spice, ripe blackberries and warm cider.

The best thing about glamping is that it puts you and your loved right up close to all of that nature, while still offering a few home comforts (and, of course, shelter from the occasional rain shower).

2. You can cosy up together
Autumn is basically the perfect excuse for snuggling up. Heated glamping pods, big jumpers, extra thick socks — it's a time when couples can get toasty without going into the full-scale hibernation mode of winter. And if the day is drizzly, then it's a good excuse to stay warm indoors with music, books and board games.

Plus few things beat watching the sunset together while sharing a blanket and sipping hot cocoa from a flask (perhaps with a cheeky splash of brandy thrown in).

3. You can go on woodland strolls galore
What better time than autumn to go rambling through winding forest trails together? Stunning bursts of colour, twittering birdcall, squirrels darting up trees — bliss.

And should you be tempted to jump into a big pile of leaves, then who could blame you? If you're super lucky, you might even spot a deer.

4. You can enjoy a little hot tub time
In autumn, hot tubs just feel that extra bit indulgent. That's because sinking into warm, frothy water together is even more of a treat when there's a bit of a chill in the air.

Plus few things beat popping open the fizz, clinking glasses and gazing at all that gorgeous foliage (pop some cranberry juice into your bubbles for an extra burst of seasonal flavour). The only catch is you can't stay in that hut tub forever — but you can certainly try.

5. You can add some posh to your BBQ nosh
No glamping trip is complete without a bit of outdoor cooking. And autumn is an excuse to be extra indulgent by embracing rich flavours and treating yourself to a proper feast.

Throw smoked salmon, asparagus, woodland mushrooms, honeyed sweet potato, butternut squash and pumpkin slices onto the grill, then wash it all down with that bottle of autumny Chenin Blanc you chilled in the mini fridge (and don't forget marshmallows for dessert). Delicious.

6. You can wish upon a star
Glamping offers you the chance to gaze up at amazingly clear, star-filled country skies. And in autumn, you don't have to sit up too late to see the constellations.

Take a walk after dark together and you might spot Orion the heroic hunter making his first appearance from November onwards. And don't forget that this season is a busy time for meteor showers, including the Draconids, Orionids, Taurids and Leonids. So keep an eye out for a shooting star and make a wish on it.

From woodland walks to soothing hot tub sessions, autumn glamping blends being close to nature with a little sprinkle of luxury. And where better to soak up all the magic than Scotland?

So why not book a glamping trip to our Rowan Pod in the Scottish Borders and enjoy the most scenic season of the year in style?

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