How to Add Magic to your January

Who says that January has to be drab? It can actually be one of the most magical times of the year (especially in the glorious Scottish Borders).

That's because it's the time to set the tone for how you want your next 12 months to be. So if you start as you mean to go on, then a joyful January can mean a joyful year.

With this in mind, here are a few ways to add a little magic to that first calendar month...

1. Revamp your resolutions

Ever made a strict New Year's resolution to cut out sugar, only to find yourself scoffing chocolate chip muffins by the second week of January?

There is a reason for this and it's because your resolution was a "don't", which can be extremely hard to stick to. Thankfully, there's an easy solution — replace those depressing "don'ts" with cheerful "dos".

For instance, "This year, I'm going to eat more delicious fruit", or "This year, I'm going to start cycling again", or "This year, I'm going to spend more time in nature."

So if you haven't done so already, bin that list of gloomy, restrictive resolutions. Next, replace it with one that will bring joy, pleasure and adventure into your year instead.

Need inspiration? Well to start with, you could...

2. Go on a new year glamping escape

The Rowan Pod at AirhousesThe Rowan Pod at Airhouses

Much more so than a hotel break, glamping is a chance to blow the winter cobwebs away and get up close to nature (while still enjoying a few little luxuries and home comforts). It's also a great chance to celebrate the first month of the year in style.

Picture the ideal January glamping day — waking up to the sound of robins chirping, taking a morning stroll through a frosty forest, then stopping off for afternoon tea in a little café with a crackling fireplace.

Next, it's back to the glamping site for a soothing soak in your own private hot tub, followed by smoked salmon on the barbecue and a chilled bottle of Cava.

Finally, you can cosy up for a good night's rest in your cosy, heated pod. Sounds like heaven...

3. Celebrate the season fully

That feeling of festivity doesn't have to end in December, you know. So why not embrace January wholeheartedly?

For instance, put on a big jumper, draw the curtains and light a cranberry-scented candle. Or tuck into seasonal comfort food like a warming stew or rhubarb crumble. Or make the most of snowy days by going out on a walk and noticing the nature that's all around you.

Yes, January can be cold and dark. But it can also be completely wonderful as well. So this year, how about swapping the bleak midwinter for the bliss midwinter instead?

4. Spoil yourself rotten

After the hectic rush of Christmas, January is a great opportunity to reconnect with yourself and practice some essential self-care.

Whether it's unwinding in a bubble bath, treating yourself to an aromatherapy massage or just drinking a soothing pot of herbal tea, you definitely deserve a few little luxuries in winter.

And once you've given yourself a much-needed battery recharge, you will be all set to chase after your dreams for the year ahead...

_Escaping to a lovely little glamping pod with a private hot tub would be a fantastic way to add magic to your January. So why not get close to nature on a Scottish Borders escape?

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