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Roe Deer at Air-pods Airhouses


Here at Air-pods, Airhouses we believe in farming with nature. We are an organic farm, who use a grass led system with our cattle.  We move them around our fields to create a more natural way of farming which encourages bio-diversity in our fields and provides habitats for lots of wildlife. 

We also have several flight ponds, and fenced wetland areas. We leave some fallen trees to encourage wildlife and ensure we do not disturb nesting birds as much as possible. At hay time we leave a large area around the fields unmowed to provide food and homes. 

With all these measures in place we have an abundance of wildlife to spot here at Air-pods at  Airhouses. 

Often, you will see our families of Roe Deer  grazing in the fields, and sometimes if they are feeling cheeky they will be right outside your pod!

You are also likely to see Brown Hares in Pikestone, the field the farm road goes through to get to Air-pods. In Spring and Summer, especially, you will see these guys running and sometimes playing. In this field you will probably also see our Buzzards, perched in a fence post working out their hunting patch, or landed in the field itself having caught lunch!

The Barn Owl is a frequent visitor as well in spring and autumn at dusk, she is often seen gliding past the building. You may hear our Tawny Owls as well hooting at night time, they are tricky to spot though!   We have a good population of bats as well, that live in the trees and some of our barns. These guys are fascinating to watch swooping through the trees. 

We have a large array of bird life, garden birds that come to our feeders and also rarer birds. We have two Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers that you can definitely hear, and you may be luckily enough to spot. Gorgeous Chaffinches, Bullfinches and in early summer our wonderful Swallows, and House Martins. 

 A little shier, and harder to spot are our Badger families. You will without a doubt be able to spot their presence, through badger trails in our fields, their scat and sets in some of the woodlands, but actually spotting them is a little tricker although guests have. We have had some guests that have even managed to photograph them! Our Stoat family flits across the farm road sometimes early in the morning, as do the Foxes so if you are up early you may catch a glimpse from your round window! 

We are also home to many native and interesting plants and wildflowers. From grasses, sedges and ferns to foxgloves, and thistles. In summer the hedgerows and meadows are alive with wonderful flora which in turn brings glorious insects to play at Airhouses. 

So come and stay in one of our lovely pods and enjoy nature the instant you step out your door. 

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