Orlando the Alpaca
Orlando the Alpaca

Meet our Animals!

Air-Pods is located at Airhouses, an organic working farm. We have a number of animals located close to the pods so guests can get up close and interact with them!


We have two Alpacas, Orlando and Obama who live very close by. They will come over for a stroke especially if you have thinly cut up carrot on you! They are hilarious looking animals, especially in Autumn when they have just been sheared - they are all gangly with big heads! They are mainly good natured, although sometimes you may hear them having a small disagreement between themselves - they make quite a strange noise! 


Talking of noise, you are likely to hear Dylan at some point during your stay! Lily and Dylan are rescue Donkeys who we look after for The Scottish Donkey Sanctuary. They are very sweet, and love to be petted. Watch out though Dylan is keen on nibbling everything and once made a hole in Damian’s ( General Managers) fleece when he left it on the fence! Yum!


We have three exceedingly fluffy Valais Blacknose Sheep. They are also very friend and have the fluffiest wool ever! Originally from Switzerland where they were breed for their wool.


Bob and Gerturde are in the field past The Rowan Pod. They are also rehomed goats and Gertrude especially is very gentle. Bob was a little more nervous when he first arrived but many kind words from guests has improved his confidence and now he is just as likely as Gertrude to come over for a short cuddle ( and investigate whether you have any tasty tip bits with you). They are a rare breed goats - The Golden Guernsey, and are much less troublesome than some goat breeds! 


Snuffle and Truffle live past the shop and through the red gate in a small woodland. They are both Wessex Saddle Back pigs and as you would expect love to nose around! They quite appreciate a small nose tickle if you are passing.


Milly, Molly and Mandy are three geese that needed a new home, so came to Airhouses to see out their retirement. They are a french heavy breed Toulouse, and as such are slow moving and calm. They are not at all aggressive and are actually very funny! They live past Dylan and Lily on the way to the self-catering Lodges.

Shetland Ponies

We have a number of Shetland Ponies here at Air-pods, Airhouses. We have a number of rescued ponies that we rehomed with the SSPCA. These are Marmalade, Waffle, Sophie, and Mary. Living with them we also have Ruby, Rosie and Biscuist ( a wee family unit, Ruby is the mum) and Ben ( who has been with us forever). They all get on well and LOVE any attention and treats that come there way. In winter they welcome apples and carrots cut up, but in summer it is best to just pet and speak to them and Shetlands can be a bit greedy and make themselves unwell if they eat to much!

Highland Cow

Apple our Gentle Giant, has been with us since he was a calf. He is now a full grown bullock, and although very gentle he is very big! He does like to come up and say Hello though and wil even have his nose patted. He is a sweetheart. 

Shetland Cattle 

 A little further from the pods you will will find our farm animals. We have a herd of rare breed Shetland Cattle which includes Tommy the Bull. You can’t mistake Tommy he has a huge neck! Like all livestock they can be friendly but are not tame animals, and at certain times of the year can be skittish. That is why we have put in fenced walks around the farm so you can enjoy seeing the cattle and exploring but remain safe. 

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