Barbecue at the Rowan Pod
BBQ hut

The Rowan Pod - Camping with Style!

The BBQ hut is amazing.  You can cook anything on it - your breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.

  • 1 x 3kg bag of Dorset Charcoal is provided and extra can be purchased from the Farm Shop  
  • BBQ Tools
  • Flat pan for mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, omelettes etc.
  • Sausepans for potatoes, casseroles, boiling vegetables
  • Plenty of space for barbequing meat, sausages, haggis, bacon, fish, toast, crumpets, marshmallows etc.
  • Sparking fairy lights 
  • Board Games

Simple to Use

  1. Take out circular plug in floor, to allow draught to the fire
  2. Pull out the draught controller on the actual bbq
  3. Unlike the imported varieties of charcoal, Dorset Hardwood Charcoal is very easy to light.
  4. You can use a crumbled piece of paper with a few small pieces of charcoal wrapped in it, build a pyramid shape around it with other pieces of charcoal and then light the paper. 
  5. Leave for a few minutes until the charcoal is well alight and then add more charcoal as required. 
  6. You will be ready to barbecue in about 10 to 15 minutes. 
  7. You usually know you are ready when the lump charcoal begins to turn red, a white ash appears around most of the lumps and you can leave your hand 6 inches above the fire for at least 5 seconds.

See some recipes with a difference courtesy of Dorset Charcoal

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Come and try our beautiful and quirky Rowan Pod for 2! With private hot tub and BBQ hut it provides the total camping experience with style!

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