The Rowan Pod

Hot Tub, BBQ Hut and the Rowan Pod

During the day in the Rowan Pod

Cooking your breakfast in your own BBQ hut

The Rowan Pod

Total Camping Experience with Style!

Beautiful and Quirky for 2 people.  The Rowan Pod is set in 633 acres of farmland with lovely views, ponies, alpacas and a llama to talk to, lots of hens and bantams and a couple of friendly and very greedy pigs.  Complete with its own hot tub and BBQ hut it is the perfect way to "camp" at any time of the year.  

For Luxury Camping (or Glamping) in the Scottish Borders in Scotland with your own Hot Tub

Exclusive BBQ Hut and Hot Tub!
There are lots included when you stay at AirPods including your very own BBQ hut for sizzling steaks and a hot tub to relax in with a drink!
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